every revolution
every movement starts with an idea.
and that's what we are about. ideas.
ideas that make people go 'wow'
or 'haha'. ideas that build brands.


Brand Identity



Design and Packaging


Brand Identity: From coming up with a name that best captures your company’s vision to creating a powerful logo and accompanying collaterals including a website, we do it all. We do this with just three ingredients - sound strategy, excellent design aesthetics and our own secret bean sauce.


Today, every brand manager's primary concern should be 'Is my brand relevant?' (Meaning, does the brand help the consumer feel inspired, empowered, confident, or cool and so on.) Once you have a positive answer to that question all your market share and brand image problems will disappear faster than tequila at a Mexican wedding. Our job is to manage the relevance of your brand. Often, all it takes is one single, powerful idea. We believe that we can unearth that million dollar idea for you. We also believe, quite correctly, that not all clients will be willing to shell out a million for our ideas. So we make sure our fees are relatively tiny. As tiny as, let’s say, the hands of a certain orange world leader.


We are a team of 4 seasoned professionals from the fields of Marketing and Advertising. Our individual strengths complement the team’s strength. The reason we’ve come together is to create cool, meaningful work that helps brands wow people. And to have fun while doing it. Lots of fun.





Being a start-up, the only work we can currently display is what we’ve done in our previous outfits. We'll have more to show if you give us some time (and your business).


If you like our thinking, or any of the work displayed here, or even just our faces, do get in touch.

Phone: Bablu- 9916573420
Email: contact@beantownunion.com
Address: F-05 Rich Homes,
# 5th Floor, Richmond Road
Bangalore- 560025